About Us

Hey there, I’m Chris. I wear a few different hats as a digital marketer, writer, athlete, and lifelong learner. I’m all about living a sustainable and eco-friendly life, and that’s why I started Our Eco-Friendly Life, a blog where I share tips and ideas on how to make conscious choices and live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

I’m a bit of a trivia nut, and I love going down the Wikipedia rabbit hole to learn about new things. But what really drives me is the interconnectedness of the world and the impact that we have on the environment. That’s why I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is about more than just exercise and food. It’s also about how we spend our money and the choices we make.

As an athlete, I know the importance of taking care of your body, and that’s why I’m passionate about outdoor activities and staying active. I believe that physical activity can improve our overall health and well-being, and it’s also a great way to connect with nature.

Through the blog, I hope to inspire and motivate others to make positive changes in their lives. I’m a strong advocate for sustainable living, and I want to create a community of like-minded individuals who share my passion for the environment. So if you’re looking for practical tips on how to live an eco-friendly and sustainable life, look no further than Our Eco-Friendly Life.

Please contact us with any inquiries, and we will get right back to you. Or email me directly at [email protected]

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