Are Orbeez Biodegradable?

If you are like me, you have asked yourself, are Orbeez environmentally friendly?

Simply, Orbeez are biodegradable but break down slowly, taking 2-3 years on average. The exact timeframe depends on the bead type, environment, and water exposure, with degradation taking up to a decade.

Orbeez & Water

While Orbeez is made from a water-absorbent polymer, they don’t technically dissolve in water.

However, they can shrink when exposed to heat or sunlight, which is why you should never put them in the washing machine or dryer. So, what happens to Orbeez when you flush them down the toilet?

Unfortunately, they can clog up your pipes and end up in landfills. However, some people have successfully composted Orbeez, so it’s worth a try. Ultimately, whether or not Orbeez is biodegradable is up for debate.

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However, there’s no doubt they’re a lot of fun to play with!

What Are Orbeez & Where Do They Come From?

are orbeez biogradeable

They are typically spherical, but they can also be found in the form of flowers, hearts, and other shapes. Orbeez is made from super-absorbent polymers (SAP), a type of plastic that can absorb large amounts of water.

The beads absorb warm or hot water because the SAP molecules contain many polar groups. These groups are attracted to water molecules, and they cause the SAP molecules to swell when they come into contact with water.

The gel beads are usually made from polyacrylate, a synthetic rubber type. Polyacrylate is a white, powdery substance derived from acrylonitrile, sodium hydroxide, and acrylic acid. It is typically used to produce plastic materials, toxic chemicals, adhesives, and coatings.

Orbeez is typically sold in packages that contain a mixture of bead sizes. The jelly beads range in size from 0.5mm to 2mm. Orbeez bead is non-toxic and safe for children to play with.

They are often used as decoration for flower arrangements or as part of sensory baskets for children with autism. The colorful water beads can also be used for stress relief or as a massage tool. Orbeez is typically sold in craft stores or online.

They can also be found in hardware stores, garden soil, or agriculture soil.

6 Benefits Of Using Orbeez

are orbeez biogradeable

Orbeez has a variety of uses, including Stress Reliever Balls, decorative centrepieces, and even educational tools.

Here are six benefits of using Orbeez:

  • Orbeez is an excellent way to relieve stress. The act of squishing and squeezing the beads can help to calm and focus the mind.
  • Orbeez makes beautiful and unique centrepieces. You can use them to fill vases or bowls and dye them to match any color scheme.
  • Orbeez can be used as an educational tool. Children can learn science and math concepts by observing how the beads change size when placed in water.
  • Orbeez is non-toxic and safe for children to play with.
  • Orbeez is environmentally friendly and will not harm the planet when it is discarded.
  • Orbeez is very affordable and can be purchased in bulk for a discount.

Whether you are looking for a way to relieve stress, add decoration to your home, or teach your children about science, Orbeez is an excellent option. These tiny beads offer a variety of benefits that are sure to appeal to everyone.

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How To Use Orbeez?

Orbeez is tiny super-absorbent polymer beads that can absorb water and grow to more than 100 times their original size.

They are often used as decoration in flower arrangements or as stress relief toys. Orbeez can also be used to create a variety of crafts, such as jewelry ornaments and keychains.

To use Orbeez beads, place them in a water bowl and wait for them to grow. Once they have reached their full size, drain the excess water and use them as desired.

Orbeez can be reused multiple times but eventually shrink back to its original size. With a bit of creativity, Orbeez can be used to make unique decorations or fun toys for both kids and adults.

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How To Recycle Orbeez?

Orbeez is small; round beads are often used as decorations or in water. Once they are used, you may wonder how to recycle them. Here are some options to dispose of Orbeez:

Compost Them:

Orbeez can take months to decompose, so they are not ideal for composting. However, if you chop them up into small pieces, they will break down more quickly.

Use Them As Drainage:

If you have potted plants, you can place Orbeez at the bottom of the pot to improve drainage.

Make A Sensory Jar:

Fill a jar with Orbeez and add food coloring, glitter, and other visuals for a fun sensory experience.

Feed Them To Birds: 

Birds like Orbeez because they provide nutrients and retain moisture. Ensure the Orbeez are not toxic before feeding them to your feathered friends.

Fun things to do with Orbeez

Orbeez is tiny beads that expand when soaked in water. They can be used for various purposes, from decoration to stress relief.

Here are five fun things to do with Orbeez:

  1. Make Orbeez flowers: Soak Orbeez in water overnight, then thread them onto pipe cleaners to make colorful flowers.
  2. Decorate a vase: Fill a vase with water, add some food coloring, and then drop in a handful of Orbeez. The colorful beads will sink to the bottom and create a vibrant display.
  3. Create Orbeez artwork: Use a piece of cardstock or canvas, and glue Orbeez of different colors onto the surface to create unique patterns and images.
  4. Make Orbeez slime: Combine Orbeez water beads with glue and contact lens solution to create your slime. You can even add food coloring or glitter for extra fun.
  5. Relieve stress: Squeezing and squishing Orbeez balls can be therapeutic and help to relieve stress. Keep a small container of Orbeez on your desk at work or in your purse when you need a little pick-me-up.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Orbeez is an excellent option for both kids and adults. They are safe, non-toxic, and can be used for various purposes. If you are looking for a fun way to decorate your home or office, or if you need a stress relief toy, Orbeez environmentally friendly beads are worth considering.

So what are you waiting for? Give them a try today!

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